Friday, August 26, 2011

Lull... aby.

Hi =)

I unfortunately haven't a whole lot to report on in the world of Zimt. Except for the following important things:

  • the vote to scrap the HST and go back to the old PST and GST system of taxation in BC has been approved- so... at least there will be less tax on Zimt chocolate. Eventually. 
  • I have found eco-friendly shipping materials! This means that I will be able to ship Zimt Artisan Chocolates products world wide on a regular basis, very soon. I just need to order the special envelopes, pick them up, and... voila!
  • Greens was happy with how sales have been going- but really nice people work there, so maybe this is a less accurate representation of financial reality than what I need. ... I am happy that they are happy. 
  • My friend, Katie Kitson of Juicy Juice Bar had another open-house, where I brought many chocolate bars. She is having another one tonight and you should attend! I would, except it is my mum's wedding rehearsal dinner tonight and, as I'm the maid of honour, I should probably attend that. She will make you fantastic food, which you can order all week round. It is a particularly convenient and healthy option for those working in downtown Vancouver, BC. 
  • I made 120 truffles for the vegan couple's wedding- they are so, so nice. The couple, I mean. The truffles are nice as well! 
  • I made 107 truffles for my mum's wedding (which is tomorrow (!!!)), and as we only need 96... I also enjoyed a good amount of truffles yesterday with my friend Joelle. 
  • Joelle and her cousin and his girlfriend visited the kitchen yesterday- her cousin is interested in also starting his own business one day, though he wants to work for another company first. This is usually how it goes... but I was a little desperate, didn't know where to work, and, since chocolate is the answer 98% of the time, decided to just jump in. 

More about that topic- one thing I find difficult about starting a business fresh off the bat (other than... hm, everything) is seeing what my peers are up to, and how they are gaining more immediate financial rewards for their work.  Many of them have moved out of their homes ("Thanks for feeding me all these years, Mom and Dad, but now I can buy my own groceries and figure out how to pay rent with this fatty cheque I get each month."- kidding...) and are putting their degrees to good use. They do get a lot of "mentoring", I hear. This is because you don't really learn how to work in a company at business school. This skill is learned on the job. But there's some security, isn't there? It is like you are still in school- you get to keep learning, and you also get paid. The learning is also more practical. I often question why I got this business degree- not that I am not thankful for it. Having "BCom" behind my name must be good for something (credibility, perhaps). Or, it would be, but I keep forgetting to put that on my business cards when I have them printed. Round three will be different.  

There are still a million things to do- most of which I am probably not aware of. And I am thankful for this bit of a break, to read up on investing, pursue a bit more modelling, help out with the wedding, see some friends, and even sleep!

Enjoy the sunshine and pick some blackberries =)


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