Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's called "Building An Empire"

No easy task, let me tell ya!


Thank you for stopping in. As I signed into the account,  the last post came up- dated over a month ago.  Bad blogger.

Bad blogger is okay- just so long as I am a good empire builder.

I have to send out the e-newsletter. On the list.

Anyway, here are a couple of things going on with Zimt:

New packaging: it is here, it is in my possession, it looks fabulous, I need to get new bags for the actual bars themselves, but other than that, fabulous. Next!

Beautiful new packaging. Many thanks to Jordan Petryk and Dana Lu.

More new packaging: need to get on that for the Smackaroons- the most recent addition to Familie Zimt, ja! Have you tried one yet? No?! Oh you must! They are really beyond phenomenal, to say the least. That is, if you like fudgy, coconut-y, chocolate-y bits of heaven. Look!

Smackaroons: Double Chocolate Macaroons- double. 

Toronto. I will be introducing Toronto to Zimt on September 5th, when I will be flying over there to participate in the 28th annual Vegetarian Food Festival. I will also be bringing lots of bars over for different retail locations. Will I be packing clothing? Maybe. Chocolate is first priority, though.

Zimt School: I offered a Zimt class! It was held on Friday and was loads of fun. Just take a look at these photos!

Sabrina and Candace- having fun making their unique Zimt creations!

Wow! We are making raw chocolate bars!

Sprinkle a variety of neat toppings on! Coconut, rose petals, fig slices, cinnamon, salt... 

What lovely treats- made with great care! 

Really enjoyed getting to catch up with those two! Zimt will be offering more classes soon, perhaps even on Friday, depending upon sign up, which will now be available online at  P.S.- it is a great idea for a date night!

Neighbourly Love: have been getting a couple of inquiries from our neighbours to the south about Zimt! Will keep you posted on how that is going =)

ethical shopping: Are you signed up for ethicalDeal? ... if not, you should be! (*hint hint*)

Oma and I have reached full capacity: We can't do this ourselves anymore. Not alone, anyway. Oma and I need some help getting all that chocolate made and... ta da, Michelle (not my cousin, but one of my best friend's little sister) is here for the rescue! I've known Michelle since she was about, oh, six? Five? Upon hearing that this avid baker, enthusiastic vegan, and recent high school graduate without solid plans for what to do next in life, was looking for some solid plans for what to do next in life, I just had to offer her a job.  Various keen individuals have been asking for employment from Zimt these past few months (ah, okay, almost a year. yikes.), but most wanted to do some sort of PR or marketing or whatever. I need kitchen angels! PR and marketing should be my domain, for now at least. Anyway, Michelle has already saved my veggie bacon more than once- she offered to come help out in the kitchen for training and man have I counted my lucky stars to have her around! Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!! 

On a personal note- thank you to all of my incredibly kind and patient friends for being, well, very nice to me, despite my often finding I need to cancel or cut short our hang-outs, because I need to work. I hope to one day, soon, have much more time to take them out for lunch, to show my appreciation for them and that I value their wonderful ways immensely. That's the goal, anyway- more time for those I love. Via a chocolate empire.

Time to write the newsletter and update the site. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week! 



PS- have you lots of zucchini? I wouldn't be surprised- it is that time of the year! Why not make a very delicious zucchini soup? Recipe can be found here: Fantastic Zucchini Soup (I made this, but didn't have any veggie broth, so water with a bit more dried oregano worked great, and I also added some celery. Did not blend with all of the cooking water, so the soup I made was quite thick- great as a double for pasta sauce! My boyfriend with very, um, refined, tastebuds even liked it!)

PPS- don't forget to click! Help an animal out: Click to save puppies.