Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheaper Chocolate?


I really must keep this quick (I solemnly promise that). Here are some things going on in the land of Zimt:

Little kitchen work: While this is quite a nice change in one respect, it also represents a lack of orders- not so good. The issue seems to be that people are not wanting to pay over $5 for a little bar of chocolate, which I can understand.  But I was skyping with Karl yesterday, and he started calculating on the spot how many bars I would be selling per hour, and said that this was a good number. ... I am not so sure, as impressive as the calculations were.  So, I think I will have to redo my pricing quite a bit- because, quite frankly, despite these bars being made, by hand, in micro batches, from some of the best ingredients in the world, people are only willing to pay so much! I hope that they sell out quickly so I can get another order in with a new price list.

To Ship or Not: The real thing is getting the eco-friendly shipping materials (at first, and I have located these- ... they are expensive), and then, being able to keep up with that demand (second). I have not approached bigger retail locations, and I am trying to sort out if it will be too much demand to keep up with, should they hop on board, in addition to shipping worldwide, via my website.  I think I should do the online shipping first, see what the demand is (who knows- maybe that will be plenty. I mean, I've tried raw chocolate from many places and.... well... not to brag... =) ) and go from there.

Other than that, I've been feeling a little lazy, from the lack of kitchen work. I did update the Zimt website, though- check out the yummy bar pics! (Taken by yours truly's blackberry =) ).

Also! I am going to be re-doing the labels to include (primarily) English names for the bars- I believe people were getting confused. My friend, Sabrina, has also kindly offered to help me do some illustrations, to make the variety of bar a bit more recognizable. (Dankeschön, Sabrina!!!)

Here's a question (and it is a very risky one I should probably not be putting on my blog, but there you go- I am. And I can remove it if I really think necessary.): How much would you, realistically, be willing to pay for a Zimt chocolate bar? (Realistically. And "Can I pay in hugs?" is not an option, no. Sorry!) I know how much they can realistically cost- do we meet on that?




  1. It's okay- Karl gave his two- cents via Skype, and my friend, Rutger of Crave Concious, sent me a very in-depth FB message answering the questions I posted. ... evidence- people are interested! =)

  2. i think the price is fine right now! because it's expensive to make and is a very special product!!! and it's easy to get because of the convenient locations, which is huge for me what with having to transit everywhere!