Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back from Taipei and off to...

resuming insanity?


Karl and I got returned from Taiwan after a really lovely tour of the country. If you would like to read a bit about my travels, please visit

Travels are fun, but at this stage, I felt that 12 days in a row of really unfocused Zimt work was a bit much. After touring during the day, I would work on that never ending organic certification application. It won't stop.

But I think I am almost done.

Anyway, back at it! Big changes are in store for Zimt- I feel like I am starting the whole company again. So, I guess I shouldn't be allowed to leave the desk, nor the kitchen. But I have to leave the kitchen because... it has not been available all week! That's because it is Holy Week- the week leading up to Easter, and because the kitchen is in a church, and I suppose things are quite busy before Easter.

So I have carted a whole lot of my equipment over to the Fairy Cakes kitchen. Thanks a million to Cera for being so generous with the space!!!!

Just because I feel like painting a more detailed picture of the situation, I invite you to visualize what this would entail- how much stuff I have to move, little bits and pieces I cannot forget, but have forgotten. All the different flavours and ingredients and bar molds which I forgot. Lots and lots.  But I think I figured it out recently, as in a couple of hours ago, as to how I am ever going to fill the Whole Foods order I have due on Tuesday. .... right.

Speaking of which, totally messed up on a meeting time I had with them! But not my fault for the extra zero after the one in one-thirty pm.  It happens. They are gracious and have offered to grant me another meeting.

Anyway, the timing has actually been supreme because I have....

Karl and me in the Fairy Cakes Kitchen! 

KARL! Holy cow- I cannot even express how happy and thankful I am to have him here! I told him yesterday that he seems to have this common theme of fixing up all the bits of craziness in my life. This, all before piling into my smart car, which is almost always filled to the roof with... stuff. Groceries, chocolate stuff, probably a life-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower.  Time to get an 18-wheeler... last month. Yeesh.

What else. Made Easter chocolate and tried out some new recipes... kind of top secret, but in time, you will find out!

In Point Roberts- picked up some packaging. Border guards don't know that. Kind of a favour- they really have more important things to worry about. Just need to be aware of it!

Easter Bunny!

Easter chocolates are available at Indigo. 

Blogging of which... I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter!

Peace and blessings,