Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 weddings and a Tweet

Hi =)

I'm in the process of making my Twitter account more... active. I knew I had reserved @zimtchocolates months ago, but Twitter seemed like a bit of a fad and just one more thing to worry about. And indeed it will be one more thing to worry about, but all the cool kids are doing it!

@zimt was already taken (I think I've found the creator and messaged him via FB) and @zimtartisanchocolates is too long.

Anyway- an update since... Thursday, I think.

Thursday I was running all over the city in the morning- first to Nice Shoes to replenish stock, then to Greens to make a brief appearance at their promo day, and then....  in the kitchen, dutifully making chocolate. Unfortunately, the chocolate didn't really turn out... the nectar wasn't properly mixed into the rest of it, and kid of separated, leaving the chocolate looking dewy. Nice for grass, not so nice for chocolate. But I really like learning how the chocolate behaves- I notice new aspects every time I really look.
Anyway... I think I fixed it. I met with a vegan couple, who wanted some truffles for their wedding. Normally, I'd not do truffles, but... they're a very kind couple and deserve nice vegan things at their wedding- and I am honoured that they chose my truffles to be these nice vegan things! Their wedding is the same day as my mom's. That's many truffles, and I had actualyl wanted to move away from doing truffles, as the bars take up enough time as is, and, wow, the truffles are so time intensive. But they (the couples) are worth it. .... may be the last time I do the truffle thing, though! (For now, of course!)

Then it was back to the kitchen for a good long while... and then biking home. It is a lovely bike ride home.

But not so lovely, that it deterred me entirely from having a pity party at who knows when. I think it involved me trying not to pass out in front of my computer, and whining about how being a trophy wife would've been a lot easier.

Then, I realized something. Or, I became more actively aware of something- I know it in the back of my head, but sometimes, when I get caught up in the sheer volume of things that need to be done, the many little things cloud the bigger picture. Anyway, I said to myself, "Emma- do you really want to be in the same place you are now this time next year? Because if you just whine about things, that's what's going to happen. So stop whining, take responsibility for what you started, and get the job done.". So that's what I did. I kind of went into machine-mode and just.... worked. A lot. Nothing complicated- after working so much during the day, my brain only has so much energy left. But I got lots done- and I'm happy I did. Because this time next year, I don't want to be in the same place I am now. As much as I love learning about business at such a grass-roots level, the rate at which I'm going now is totally unsustainable. It just makes no sense and cannot be done- I actually would not make it.

So that's why I've got to be smart about things, plan better, and seriously start thinking about hiring an oompa loompa.

Friday... which was... wow, only yesterday, alright, Friday was busy. I thought I had an order for 200 chocolate bars, but it ended up being only 100 (which I found out after melting a whole lot of cacao butter... hm.). Anyway, I still made I'm not even sure how many bars, then went to package them. ... did that for a long time. Wandered over part-way to wherever there was a clock, noticed the time and thought, "Wow- this is taking a lot longer than expected." and then wandered back to finish up.

Saturday... aka, today... I went for a walk with my mom. I just had to- she basically had to peel me out of bed, but it happened! And then I vacuumed my house (another great incentive to making a real financial living... outsourcing house-work. Please....), got ready to head out to Karmavore and drop off a donation at the church.  I sampled chocolate (as in, I provided others with samples) today at Karmavore for about 4 hours. It was nice! Everyone who works there is really kind and people loved the chocolate, and were quite surpirsed of it's healthy-ness.

After Karmavore, I drove to the Animal Voices and Earthsave potluck, to donate more chocolate as a raffle prize- it was lovely. There's a real community and it's great to see people I've known for years.

Stopped in to say hello to my friend, Nazlee (finally- I've only been saying I'd do that for... months.) and now I am here. Sorting out Twitter...

I think that all of this social media and cyber-presence can be a great thing for business- it really allows a connection between businesses and their customers and other supporters. ... but man is it time consuming! (Not that you all aren't worth it =) ).

Off to Tweet...


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