Friday, July 29, 2011

They really love me. And by me, I mean my chocolate.


Hmmm- it seems to be after midnight again and I still have not dedicated enough time to learning about technical analysis today, but I sure did live, eat, and breathe Zimt!

A couple of updates:

Yesterday I went to IGA to get my barcodes checked, to see if they would scan. I ended up chatting with the manager, who programmed the codes into their system, and he actually seemed interested in carrying my hand-made, fair trade, vegan, organic, raw chocolate at his IGA branch. Hm. I think that is flattering! It really shows that people are becoming more interested in this type of product and lifestyle, which is fantastic. It's a good thing to support.

The barcodes work, by the by (!!!!!!!!).

I had a good long chat with one organic certification company- it seems like it would be quite do-able to get done, if there were three of me. The process is not hard and it sounds like I'm ahead of the game in some respects anyway. The woman I spoke with was talking of manufacturers who don't use proper cleaner (mine is commercial kitchen approved, and also all-natural, vegan, and smells like oregano =) ), or who grease pans with non-organic olive oil (just because it isn't a big part of the recipe.... does not mean it is not there.). These things puzzle me.
Anyway, the process seems fairly long, and I am debating whether or not to go through with it. I think I should, just because people appreciate certification of the final product. I mean, all of my ingredients are organic (every. single. one.)- but that little symbol on the front of a wrapper can make a big difference.  And this is the symbol I may not have until my products are certified.

In other news, I made some exceptionally delicious chocolate yesterday. I don't know what made it so good. But when I got to the kitchen this morning, it hadn't set properly. I pried it out of the molds anyway, because I had tweaked some recipes and wanted to see how they'd turned out (I gave some to the kind staff of the church whose kitchen I get to use), and... wow. Wowowowowowowow. It was chocolate coma time! Not to brag or anything, but I made some really phenomenal chocolate. (Just sayin'.). Even the plain chocolate was off the charts. I am going to experiment a bit more tomorrow... but really, ridiculously good. I usually don't even like my plane chocolate, but there you go- this was beyond amazing.

My new favourite, though... is the kaffee- you can taste the sophistication. I experimented with two different types of beans: the first one was very, very good. When I tried it, I was a bit floored.

But then the second one happened. And that was just... I don't think there are words to describe. So that bean is the winner, yay!

Aside from the recipes, other exciting retail news: Zimt Artisan Chocolates will have bars available in Greens Organic and Natural Market on Broadway starting next week! 6 SKUs- I'm honoured and very, very happy (though only slightly worried about being able to churn out that much chocolate with two hands that also have to spend a lot of time working on the books.). So Greens joins the list of where Zimt chocolate bars will soon call "home". Others include....

Nice Shoes  Vancouver's vegan shoe store, also selling vegan bags and accessories, as well as some pretty spiffy lip balm and umbrellas made of recycled materials that has a penguin picture on it- amazing! This weekend, Nice Shoes will donate 10% of their sales to the Battered Women's Support Services- a very worthy cause, and you do deserve some nice shoes anyway... some very, very nice shoes.)
Karmavore  all vegan amazing store! Complete with a deli to satisfy your nacho and chick'n nugget cravings.
Divine Elements  wonderful naturopathic clinic. If you're not feeling 100%... well, they make sure you will.

I sat down and had a chat with the owner and a very kind manager as well, and.... they kind of went nuts for the chocolate- that makes me happy. I brought them one of each to sample and I'm pleased with the feedback!

I will study techincal analysis tomorrow- repeat! I try to watch some Youtube videos of it while I am making chocolate, but the internet peaces out a lot and my speakers are not so excellent, making learning a little bit difficult. (Cry me a river). Tomorrow (as in, officially today, I guess...) is another day.

I feel I got a decent amount of items ticked off my To-Do list, all things considered.

Better get some sleep- a prospective tenant is coming by tomorrow. As in, in 8 hours. Oh my.


In yet more news-

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