Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting There! And explaining the inexplicable.

Very tired- but a few things of note:

1. the eco-friendly cling wrap came in the post today. Very excited about this- I felt terribly guilty for using the regular stuff.

2. I need to go collect my date stamp in Blaine. It's the eco-friendly model, and not available in Canada, so thank you USofA for being so close by! Anyway, I am not sure when I will have the opportunity to do this.

3. I recently re-discouvered this site: http://www.globeguardproducts.com/Box_Sealing_Tapes_s/42.htm This is fantastic for two main reasons:

   a) I now have access to eco-friendly shipping materials and will be able to ship my product around the world (note to self- make sure I've got that export number...)
   b) They have eco-friendly tape! No more using sticky notes made of recycled materials wherever I could avoid using tape. Not quite the same thing!

Explaining the inexplicable. Well, I would really love to delve into this a bit deeper, but for now, I will say that unless one has begun his or her own small business, I don't care how many business plans you've made up, if you've gone to business school, or any such thing- and especially nothing of any sort of those things- this is tough work, goes way  beyond nine to five (hence, my blogging at 24 past midnight) and.... patience is greatly appreciated. It isn't like I find having Excel Parties ideal, nor do I really enjoy dragging friends along to run errands, just so that I can chat a bit with them and they will not have to watch me type (the other option. Yeah, errands are preferable for sure.) but it is how it is for now and I do reckon it'll get a tad more stressful before it gets any easier.

Another similar topic- being a people pleaser and start-up starter-upper can be a disastrous combination. I often find myself convincing myself of really cutting out Zimt time so that I can go make my friends happy by doing what they want to do. Again, I would love to have time to go sit on the beach and go shopping and then go back to the beach and then get dinner and then go see a movie, but, honestly... are you kidding me?! Neither time nor money are particularly... ample- not at this stage of the game. It is something I am working towards, though. As is gently letting people know (especially those I have not known for all too long) that I can't drop everything and go hang out. Especially after friends I have known for years are getting too little of my attention. But this is all a matter of gaining a new perspective- most people just don't have to think about rationing time like that (... I may be slightly jealous of them at times.). One day, I will have tons of time (hopefully), to give to all the wonderful people whose path cross mine.

But before that day comes, I will have to make (and sell), a lot a lot a lot of chocolate.

Website building time.


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