Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When life gives you bureaucracy...

... it'll also give you a picnic with a two-year old to make things all better!

Yesterday (or... technically day-before yesterday, as this post is starting after midnight) I was out in White Rock at the home of Vanessa, RHN and founder of Get Real Nutrition  Our friend Chloe and her two-year-old son, Gage, graced us with their presence and Gage also happened to make my day.

I know that the chocolate I make is pretty intense- especially the three nib'd varieties. Dark chocolate with cacao bean nibs does not seem like your typical "kid-approved" treat. ... but that is exactly what it became yesterday, when Gage's first go at dessert was a chocolate nib'd heart. He totally devoured it! And kept asking for more "chawkowate" and once I explained to Chloe the type of sweetener I use in the chocolate, she was very pro-toddler-eating-more-chocolate. And did he ever- I think he'll have to become an official taste-tester one day.... soon =)

It always makes me happy to know that kids get good healthy things to eat, and that what they eat didn't cause any less fortunate kids in other countries any harm. Lots of cocoa products are produced using child labour- how is it fair for kids, or anyone, more financially well-off to reap the benefits of other's unreasonable work?  That's one reason why I am hoping to provide Zimt Artisan Chocolates as special Halloween treats to trick-or-treaters - a big goal for this year, but it could happen!

Anyway, it was a nice perk to the day that seemed to be drown-out by website content restrictions- lots and lots of regulations are in effect to prevent people from making certain nutrient claims, if they have not been "scientifically" proven.
I'd really like to get into this more, because it is an important topic,  but it's an early morning with a long to-do list ahead, so I'll call it quits for now.

Wow- we made it to Wednesday!


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