Monday, September 26, 2011

chocolate + china.

Hi Everybody,

Here is a quick update about Zimt, which may or may not actually end up being quick (... it is how it is.):

1. Taste of Health is coming up on Sunday, October 2nd and Zimt will be there- exciting! I just realized when it was to be held... yesterday, though, and will need to do a whole lot of work this week to get things going. I need to get a banner made... it is of bamboo. ^.^

2. Zimt chocolates were being made until about 10:30 last night and until about 10:15 tonight and administrative Zimt things were happening until the chocolates started to be made- like sorting out the banner, new labels (new designs coming up soon! And they look so phenomenal. Thank those lucky stars for talented friends who are gracious with their time.)

3. Whole Foods Market on W 8th and Cambie Street will be carrying Zimt chocolate bars very soon. I just need to fill out the application and send it in and get approved. That's all. The realistic goal is for the end of October. This seems perfect- just in time for Halloween! I'm sure lots of trick-or-treaters would be very happy to get a gourmet, raw chocolate bar instead of chemicals in colourful packaging. It will happen. 

4. I got 1.5/11 things done on my to-do list today. Wait- blog! 2.5/12. =)

I am very excited for everyone to see the new labels- they just look so amazing. 

Oh wait, I totally forgot- this is not necessarily Zimt related (not directly anyway), but please look at this video. I was volunteering for Media at my church on Sunday and this video is what was played- it is very short, just over half a minute (scroll down a bit and you will see how to view it.). What a tragedy. China is undeniably powerful, but it is a hurting nation. There are just so many problems that the government needs to address responsibly- and neither claiming vast amounts of the world's natural resources nor taking over Africa will help fix these.  I kind of see China as the class bully- beating up on everybody, and attempting to covering up a very troubled state of being. 

... okay. Guess I won't be allowed to go to China anymore now! (Good thing my agent wants to send me to Thailand @.@).

Lettuce keep the people of China and all those living in oppression in our thoughts and prayers.


PS- did you see that I changed the look of the Zimt blog? What do you think? You can PM me via FB, if you'd like. Or text me. Or... even post a reply on the blog. Double dare ya. =)

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