Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whole-y Guacamole!

Hi Everyone,

... it seems the time has come. The day has arrived, this day I thought would have... taken a lot longer to arrive is nearly upon Zimt.

Tomorrow, I am going to Whole Foods on Cambie and Broadway with a bag full of Zimt bars. Whole Foods- I know! Last week when I was there, my friend, Doran, who works there, was saying that I should really sell my chocolate there. And I expressed my concerns in my not being able to keep up with the demand I anticipate will come with selling at Whole Foods. He assured me that Whole Foods takes the production limitations of small producers into account- it sounds not so scary. So off I go... big prayers.

Other exciting Zimt news! Zimt chocolate bars as well as individually sized, solid chocolates will be available from now on at Indigo Food Cafe! This is an excellent place to get some truly scrumptious food (... not just Zimt- Lovena, the owner and operator, has incredibly delicious creations to share. Get anything with the tzatziki. Oh. My. Goodness. Get it on the granola, get it on the crepe, get it on anything!). Anyway. Back to the chocolate! (Get it on the chocolate. Ha.). There are three flavours available: Kaffee Squares, Coconut Domes, and Sweet Orange Nib Hearts. A nice little treat.

Here is a picture of the Kaffee Squares I just took with my Blackberry (which has 4 available pictures left, just so you know.):

Is it just me, or do these remind you of Adventskalender? I think they are called "Advent Calenders" in English- the ones where you open up a window in a calendar for the first 24 days of December as a countdown to Christmas. I really enjoyed those up until I could not actually partake as I could not find a vegan version on the market. But I love these sqaures and now I can make my own chocolate countdown to Christmas (life has improved substantially.).

What else... I did a demo at Greens the other day- it went really well. I was feeling completely exhausted and did not want to do any work, especially not smiling at people and making conversation for hours, before I went. But when I got there, it was really nice. So many people were not only intrigued, but really enthusiastic- really enthusiastic. Zimt apparently has a little fan club going! This was great to see- I'm so happy to be bringing something nice to people who appreciate it.

On Saturday, I will be out in White Rock at the Star of the Sea Fall Fair and Market Place- I am interested to see what will come of it! Hopefully I will be able to get some chocolate to people who normally cannot eat chocolate, for whatever reason.

And finally, I am going to school again. I also did not see that one coming, but there I go- back to UBC for one course in Small Business Food and Beverage Manufacturing. I think it will be very, very useful, and so I will sacrifice Wednesday and Friday mornings until December to attend- and I'm very thankful for the opportunity for that sacrifice!

Enjoy the rest of the week =)


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