Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rightfully picky etc.

Hi =)

Whole Foods is meant to call me either tomorrow or Friday- I think I'll wait by the phone and practice what I'm going to say when we chat.  Shouldn't be hard- I've had so much practice. ^.^


Today I went to my business planning class and learned about different forms of business structure, such as sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited (liability) partnerships, and incorporation. But I already knew most of  what was discussed, since I had to look this all up prior to incorporating my chocolate company... about a month before I even attempted to make chocolate. Smart!

Then I made fillings for bars and ordered product and got in touch with retailers.

Something very exciting- I got eco-friendlier masking tape! This is such a big deal, because now I won't have to label storage with recycled Post-It notes. Zimt's efficiency will increase by 379%.

.... I even took a picture...

It was so exciting, I had to re-label everything in storage.

I love the kitchen I work out of because it is in a church, it is very peaceful, and the people who work there are very kind. They're so kind, in fact, that they just give me large quantities of organic fruit- 

They definitely will be getting an apple, nectarine, pear crisp.

Other, somewhat less exciting, news- year end is coming up. That means I get to hang out with Excel some more- yessss!

Important: I've been spotted. My boss from my previous place of employment found out about Zimt. Or, I found out that he found out about Zimt (chicken, or egg?). Anyway, I think I will have to bring them some chocos, if for no other reason than that I really just like giving people chocolate, and it seems somehow appropriate. "Surpriiiiiise! Look what my night-job was!" (starting Zimt- that was my night job. ...?)

I did an interview with the newspaper of the business school I just graduated from. It was really fun and interesting to see how perspectives change so much. I think that they liked one thing I said, in particular (and I just made it up on the spot!): Don't go by the book, go by the second. (Copyright 2011 Emma Smith of Zimt Artisan Chocolates Limited. Haha.). Sometimes they asked me questions that reminded me of what someone might find at the end of a textbook chapter, to prep for a midterm.

Speaking of people speaking of me, I'm doing another interview with chef and vegan cookie expert, Dreena Burton, and it will be on her blog, I just need to make sure I will be able to answer the question as to whether or not customers can buy directly from me (ie. online store, in this case) in the affirmative.

The kids liked the chocolate at their school fundraiser =) Yay!


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