Sunday, October 2, 2011




1. Dreena Burton of was so kind as to feature me on her blog for an interview! Thank you very much, Dreena! You should definitely purchase her cookbooks as well- every recipe she has compiled is amazing- special mention to the cookies- yummmm!

2.  Earthsave Canada's Taste of Health, their annual veg lifestyle fest, is tomorrow! It is from 11:30 am until 6 pm- more info here! I have 173 chocolate bars ready for you all- including 24 Vanilla Caramel bars (apparently you love them!- thank you =) ).

3. I gave my former employer chocolate today. I walked in on their meeting and just... gave them chocolate, as is my custom. I had not told them about Zimt, but they used their spidey-senses and found out, somehow (... maybe because they saw it at Greens, I don't know.). Anyway, they ate it right then and there, because all are powerless to the chocolate (it isn't a bad thing.) and approved of it. Thank you very much. So that's that- months and months of worrying about things are all done. I don't know why I did.

4. There are also 83 small chocolates available tomorrow: Sweet Orange Nib Hearts (I had one as part of breakfast dessert- very good!), Kaffee Kubes (klassy), Peppermint Nib Squares (they are the largest of the four), Coconut Domes (I like these as well).



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