Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shhhhh! I am making chocolate...!

Hi Everyone,

Happy June 1st! Also known as, my mom's birthday...!

Can you believe she turned 53?!?!?! I can't! This isn't the best picture of her- but honestly, she looked like she was maybe 35 today. Maybe. Maybe 30, after a terrible night's sleep. I don't know how she does it- she doesn't eat a super clean diet or anything and she has tons of stress in her life (I mean, look at who she has for kids! Yikes!). 

Anyway, happy birthday, Mom! I hope I age half as gracefully as you. Probably the radiant inner beauty that shines through- living proof. This woman is amazing!

Now that we have established my mother's excellence, let's talk a bit about Zimt.

First: I will try to get more bars to Whole Foods on Cambie on either Sunday or tomorrow or Monday- it depends on when the labels will be finished... betcha didn't think of that! Label making is different from chocolate making- not so obviously. It is tough to think of all the components that go into a finished product when it is precisely that- a finished product. Things don't grow on shelves in supermarkets.

Second: Major thanks go to my family for all of their incredible patience and support and joy- they never complain. Ever. They just are happy to help me out and enjoy us spending time together. That I get to spend that much time with people who are so unthinkably giving and kind is mind boggling. Physically, the work is pretty demanding.  I mean, I do BodyRock, officially, but I also feel like I am getting in another work out during the work day. But really, if that is all I have to complain about- I am one lucky lady. I get to hang out with some wonderful, supportive people on a regular basis- thank you, Oma, Mum, Auntie, and Michelle! How unusual and great!

Third: I am getting a bit antsy about kitchen availability. Zimt is kind of at the bottom of the totem pole, only in the sense that if others need the kitchen, others get the kitchen. I am blessed, though, as I still often feel like I get to live there.  
Anyway... I find that times are getting kind of restricted, however, and this is obviously a concern. I have to sort out a solution, other than me working past the time set out in the schedule, and being really quite while chocolate making, so that I don't get caught. Pretty sneaky!

Other than that... I wish I could tell you more. But everything is top secret until further notice! Until then, I invite you to check out the Zimt Facebook page, which I am working on updating. Part of the online marketing I am trying to get a hang of. 

Have a lovely Saturday! 



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