Saturday, May 19, 2012

CFIA, EPIC, and other acronyms

Hi There!

*blog was on my to-do list. And look at it get done- here's an update on the latest and greatest... in the land of Zimt!

The CFIA Rears its Ugly Head... Again.

They found me! Or, Zimt, rather. Zimt got inspected by the CFIA on Tuesday this week. (Of the same day I made a delivery to Unity Yoga- what a beautiful place! Check them out and try some lotus positions and warrior things.... and Zimt!)  So, I met with a nice inspector, and we sat and chatted for quite some time, in the big gym adjacent to the kitchen.

I also had a friend I met at EP!C that weekend meet with us, who specializes in food safety for small food manufacturing businesses.

So, we sat there and went over all my papers and tracking systems and things. Inspector was impressed! Now, to give you a bit of a freak out...

A lot of huge companies do not track their outgoing product. 

That's right. If you get sick from eating something, Big Box Company may not know a thing about where that food poisoning actually came from. Maybe it was Batch #1k9834j or maybe it was Batch #897m3490w. We just don't know. So keep your fingers crossed when you open that next bag of whatever!

... paranoid yet? You will likely be ok. =)

Anyway, meeting went well. More with packaging. Organic Certification Tale continues... they are reviewing more now- Zimt has been unofficially, but officially somewhat, inducted into the Organic Hall of Fame.  Need CFIA to do label reviews or at least pick up the phone when I call to ask about Nutrition Facts Table formatting.

Yes, so, EP!C happened- it was alright. Nice, because I saw some really wonderful people I know and met a whole bunch more- great contacts! Didn't sell too much, but who was expecting to buy chocolate bars in the wedding section? Oh well. EAT! Vancouver is coming up. May be a good idea... will have to think about it.


Check them out- they are on the corner of West 8th and Burrard in Vancouver... they are considering Zimt! I took a class with them and brought my mum. She's so awesome. Anyway- they have lovely chocolate there. Hopefully Zimt will be a part of their crew, soon!

Oy vey I have a lot of work.... wish me luck! And I wish you a lovely Saturday evening.



P.S.- Don't forget to help out some animals! Click for free (it takes a second of your time. And I cannot think of a better way to spend a second of your time. No excuses.) (purple button- can't miss it!)

P.P.S.- Try this tasty recipe! It is vegan (of course) and is good for you, the planet, and does not hurt any animals. What a lovely concept =)  Lentil Hummus- amazing!!! Move over chickpeas- you take so long to cook. But are still great for chana masala. Yummmm... 


  1. but of course your inspection would go well! you are so on top of everything! ^_^
    is this lentil hummus recipe the one you used the last time i saw you?
    ps i think we are overdue for another smoothie night! ^_^

    1. you are a doll! I sure try.
      It is a different one (a better one. Though thank you for liking that last one! I think I used white beans that time...).
      ps- I agree!!!!! Lets plan. Text moi, please!