Thursday, May 3, 2012

All that's old is new again.

And by that title, I mean that I feel like I am having to re-construct a whole other company.

There's just a lot in the way of R&D that has to get done by me. Although raw chocolate is a fairly new phenomenononon to Vancouver, it is getting really competitive already! Not just raw, though- there is a lot in the way of competition out there- and Zimt must cover all of its bases.

Which means a lot of experimenting with processes for me! I feel very fortunate that I am able to do this- and grateful to myself for saving up all of my pennies all those years- who knew that my wage at Capers for making smoothies would go right back into making a product sold at their store!

Experimenting is expensive- but developments are underway and I will keep you posted, as always.

Peace and blessings,


P.S.- mentioning some trade shows featuring Zimt would probably be a good idea! Please stop by at EPIC! on the weekend of the 11th until the 13th of May and then at EAT on the first weekend in June!

P.P.S- nearly forgot to send you along with a healthy, non-dessert, compassionate recipe! Here is a very tasty vegan recipe how yummy do those look?!?! Thank you, Jennifer and Jacyln of Sketch-Free Vegan Eating!

P.P.P.S- click here to feed a puppy! Or kitty! For free!

Yum! Thanks!

Thank you!!!!

Yay! Kibbles!

Aaaaand cookies!


  1. You are doing great! Nothing comes close to Zimt as far as I am concerned. But, there is a lot of chocolate out there and people don't always read labels. Specially when it's among many others, where people know that everything meets a certain minimum standard (like at Karmavore).

    What makes Zimt standout from the rest of those for me is that it's a local vegan company, environmentally friendly packaging, diabetic friendly (I am not diabetic, but I don't wanna get there) and minimal processing (raw).

    All other chocolate in the market falls behind in at least two of those categories, although I haven't done my research, but why should I? Zimt is in a sense perfect! Anyway I just thought my take on this will help you someway in your R&D. Keep making awesome chocolate! :)

  2. You are too kind! I think that those aspects are important as well, of course- so many people seem to overlook the environmentally friendly packaging bit!

    Perfect- thank you so much! But it will keep getting better =) Lots of great things in store, I assure you.