Friday, October 5, 2012

Haven't you heard the rumours?


Time to pick up the latest copy of Hello!, then. =)

Zimt is moving yet again! This time should be the last time, for some time, I really, really hope.

The new place is beautiful! So spacious and clean and... just really nice. Space! 24 hour access! It is really exciting combo- time and space. But it comes at a price, a price for which I have never spent on one single purchase ever, which makes me really thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

One must sell much chocolate to make one's rent at such a fancy new facility. But I think of it as an investment and honestly, we can't go hopping from one random place to the next forever and still expect to provide product consistently. Unless the space is dedicated as yours, time agreements may not uphold.

And I don't like letting chocolate lovers down.

Well, I fully intended on writing a decent post, since I have been so absent from the world of blogging, but I have to go make three deliveries and wonder how I am going to replenish inventory given the current conditions.

Please enjoy this photo of Michelle and me at the Northwest Chocolate Conference- we attended on Sunday and it was lots of fun and very worthwhile.

A cocoa bean.

I started this post at about 8 am. It is now 8:37 pm and I just got back from deliveries in North Van,  Surrey, and White Rock. 

This is why I do not post very often. But that is about to change because minimum order quantities for free deliveries is effective immediately.

Happy Thanksgiving!



PS- Toronto was great, thank you! 


  1. excited you have your own space! and curious about this chocolate festival!
    wishing you some time this weekend to reflect and enjoy! ^_^ happy thanksgiving!!!

    1. Ah you are the best!!! Your comments make my day =) Although today has been pretty good, anyway!

      We NEEEEEED to have another smoothie party!!!! Text this week =)