Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuch chocolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate...!


I'm typing from bed, taking a super quick break from working on the financials for my business plan, feeling kind of overwhelmed with ideas and lack of UPC codes.  We are meant to forecast sales and I just keep adding products because I keep thinking of neat products. There are three new ones which will be in stores soon.

Financials again. Brb.

I can't even fill in most of these numbers because I have no data- they're just concepts. I don't even have suppliers for some of the concepts. But the good thing is, that I can switch around UPC codes- for example, the Easter Bunny will not be sold at the same time of year as the Pumpkin, so the UPC code for the EB could become the UPC for the P.

Ideally, I would be shopping right now, after having cleaned up my house. Or, even more ideal- house is magically not made messy, and I am shopping.

But actually, this is great! I am not in the kitchen right now (though sometimes I think I should just move in there- bed and all. Hammock.) becauuuuuuse I was there til 2 this morning. Just getting Greens' order all done. I am going to deliver it today, not tomorrow, as I initially planned. I made over 240 chocolate bars yesterday! Some of them will be going to... Whole Foods.

On that topic- financials.

Oops- just kidding. Production Schedule (one exists now!).

Oops- just kidding, again. I need a nap.

But I'm the Greens order instead. And maybe will vacuum (?)

Lots more to post but I have to go. Sorry it was so weird. =)



  1. It is funny you should type that because... not really at all. Love ya lots, though =)